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How gender obsession can ruin a film/show/series

I know I might get a lot of flak sharing this thought. But just give it a moment.

Been watching some great content and beautiful documentaries recently and realised that in fiction, sometimes gender obsession kills what you were aiming to do. The product, the plot, the character, the message. Other times, under pretence.

I’ve always been a feminist. Raised by one feminist single mother. I’m not being critical here.

But, look at certain potentially good fiction that were lost in getting aggressive with the message and look at certain fiction who did the same so beautifully.

Let me put some examples down;


Birds of prey

Charlie’s Angels 2


Wonder Woman 2

Hate Story


Captain Marvel

Ocean’s 8

fail at some point taking the approach too far or misguided.

While, these below did the same thing so beautifully and touched hearts and changed so many perspectives;

Wonder Woman 1





Gilmore girls


Enola Holmes

Lipstick under my burkha

Tumhari sulu

Hidden figures

And so many more. It’s not like they’re completely bad or completely good. Or it’s about an agenda. It’s just that sometimes, gender obsession can get unhealthy and when it’s done with equal care and passion it blooms so pretty.

There’s a difference between “female led films” and “films with female leads”.

(There are so many more examples I couldn’t list, that come to mind. Do share your thoughts too.)


- Aayush Agrawal











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