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I come from an India… #VirDas

I come from an India where people lack a sense of humour. True, koi desh perfect nahi hota hai, usse behtar banana padta hai. But this can happen when we remove stigma and hypocrisy. Even if someone says something abroad about India (which in actuality was satire; if they start listening to Ricky Gervais, they’ll probably burn the man themselves) shouldn’t be labelled a crime. What about kangana’s remarks on ryan reynolds or gandhi and technically asking people to conduct boycott and violence? Nothing was done to the man who, on national television, threatened to cut off deepika’s nose and head and would reward anyone who will rape her. Here the common people have to take the streets and get beaten up asking justice for nirbhaya. We build multi million dollar statues, care funds suddenly go out of RTI, it’s been 75 years of independence and half the population struggles for two meals a day. Yet, we don’t care when SNL hosts, the late night show or world leaders criticise india’s handling of covid_19 (to the point where second aid coming from canada was given to red cross because they knew this too won’t reach the public if given to the government. While other world leaders can joke about pot, approve medical marijuana. Here they change the topic when someone talks about saadhus and shiva and haridwar pandits consume chillums and babaji ki booti) here, the ruling party sees celebs and people who have voices as junkies and good for nothing. And ignore extremists conducting violence and mob lynching in the name of religion. We are a country of diversity but not inclusive of all beliefs and practices and just plain thoughts. We see mental health as taboo, LGBTQ+ is defamed and disgusted, gender bias exists everywhere, harassment against women via rape or domestic abuse or career inequalities or just putting labels on them is considered ok but the hypocrisy is we call the same women ‘devi’, ghar ki lakshmi! Yes I am proud of our Hindu-Muslim bond. Our mark on world stage in medical, engineering and even space achievements. Still the value of stolen money from the common public since Jeep and BHU funds to Commonwealth and Covid is above Rs 910603234300000/- The country where he shared a piece of satire has leaders who participate in roasts and our leaders behave either childishly or straight dictators. The leaders and public lack tolerance. Lack education. Lack patience. Lack listening skills. They have so much energy to burn statues and scream into microphones in the name of nationalism and when they return, they pee on the roads, catcall anyone, beat up their children or wives and sleep saying ‘kuch nahi hoga iss desh ka’.

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